We are interested in the understanding and improvement of human performance in complex systems, such as military operations, healthcare environments, and road traffic. To better understand human-machine interactions in these environments, we use a multidimensional approach that includes both advanced psychophysiological measurements, such as eye tracking, electroencephalography, and magnetic resonance imaging; and traditional psychological assessment tools: questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups.

We are particularly interested in studying the negative effects of fatigue and cognitive overload on operators’ performance, and how these factors affect system safety. We are also interested in the effect  an organization’s safety culture has on the performance and wellbeing of its operators.

In order to ensure the rapid and effective transition of our results to practical applications that enhance operator health and wellbeing, we work in strict collaboration with national and international organizations (armed forces, hospitals, and public and private research centers).

The laboratory is part of the Mind, Brain, & Behavior Research Center at the University of Granada, and it is integrated into the Learning, Emotion, and Decision Group.

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