José Miguel Morales

PhD Student, Department of Computer Architecture & Technology

Former Staff Researcher

Mind, Brain, and Behavior Research Center-CIMCYC

Campus de Cartuja s/n

18071 Granada – Spain


Brain-computer Interface, Eye-tracking, Low-cost EEG, Neuroengineering


M.Sc. in Data Science and Computer Engineering
University of Granada
(Granada, Spain)
2014 in Computer Engineering
University of Granada
(Granada, Spain)


Morales, J.M., Diaz-Piedra, C., Rabelo-Ruiz, J.F., & Di Stasi, L.L. (2019). Detecting mental workload in surgical teams using a wearable single-channel electroencephalographic device. Journal of Surgical Education, 30(4).

Morales, J.M., Diaz-Piedra, C., Rieiro, H., Roca-González, J., Romero, S., Catena, A., Fuentes, L., & Di Stasi, L.L. (2017). Monitoring driver fatigue using a single-channel electroencephalographic device: A validation study by gaze-based, driving performance, and subjective data. Accident Analysis & Prevention109, 62-69.

Vera, J., Diaz-Piedra, C., Jiménez, R., Morales, J.M., Catena, A., Cardenas, D., & Di Stasi, L.L. (2016). Driving time modulates accommodative response and intraocular pressure. Physiology & behavior164, 47-53.

Morales, J.M., Di Stasi, L.L., Díaz-Piedra, C., Morillas, C., & Romero, S. (2015, June). Real-time monitoring of biomedical signals to improve road safety. In International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 89-97. Springer, Cham.

Morales, J.M., Díaz-Piedra, C., Di Stasi, L.L., & Romero, S. (2015, June). Low-cost Remote Monitoring of Biomedical Signals. In International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and Artificial Computation, 288-295. Springer, Cham.

Morales, J.M., Romero, S., Di Stasi, L.L., & Díaz-Piedra, C. (2015). Plataforma para la monitorización de bioseñales en conductores. Cognitive Area Networks, 33-36.

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