Ph.D., Information and Communications Technology

Former Postdoctoral Researcher

Mind, Brain, and Behavior Research Center-CIMCYC

Campus de Cartuja s/n

18071 Granada – Spain


Physiological markers of neurological conditions, Physiological markers of impairment and cognitive state, Processing of biomedical signals, Temporal aspects of visual perception



Ph.D., Information and Communications Technology
University of Vigo – Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Thesis title: Study of temporal vision and brain blood flow regulation
Thesis directors: Stephen L. Macknik (Barrow Neurological Institute) and José Luis Alba Castro (University of Vigo)


B.sc. Telecommunication Engineering
University of Vigo, Spain

Dual Specialization: Telematics; Signal Processing and Communications
Undergraduate thesis: Exporting OSGi services as SOAP-based web service



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