Carolina Diaz-Piedra, PhD

Associate Professor

Mind, Brain, and Behavior Research Center-CIMCYC

Campus de Cartuja s/n

18071 Granada – Spain




Applied Psychology, Chronic conditions, Fatigue, Health Psychology, Military Psychology, Neuropsychology, Patient safety, Performance, Psychophysiology, Road safety, Sleep health


2014 – 2016
Postdoctoral Scholar at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation.
Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USA
2008 – 2013
International PhD in Psychology.
Faculty of Psychology, University of Granada, Spain.
2007 – 2008
MSc in Research Designs and Applications in Health and Psychology.
Faculty of Psychology, University of Granada, Spain.


2002 – 2007
BSc in Psychology.
Faculty of Psychology, University of Granada, Spain.


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*: corresponding author; : co-first author

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